Sounds heal thoughts, emotions and stress.


I was born with my healing gift.
And thus I regard my mission to use my knowledge, my abilities and my love for the benefit of other human beings as a genetic imperative.
My workplace is nature: mountains, trees, caves and in the open air.
This is where I connect with the elements, the life force.
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  • «J'ai eu la chance de rencontrer Nadja et de suivre ses traitements depuis maintenant plusieurs mois et je peux témoigner des bienfaits évidents et étonnants de ses soins. Nadja m'a grandement aidée là où la médecine avait trouvé ses limites (Nadja m'a d'ailleurs été recommandée par un médecin allopathique) et je lui suis infiniment reconnaissante pour son aide précieuse. Mon souhait serait que Nadja puisse faire bénéficier de son incroyable don au plus grand nombre!»

  • «Mit Hilfe von Nadja Gydat habe ich die Traumata [nach meinen Unfällen beim Eishockey] wieder lösen können. Sie hat mich am Telefon angeleitet und erklärt, wie ich mich vollständig von meiner Angst vor einem weiteren Check befreien kann.»

  • «Since Nadja has worked with me, I have a much more positive outlook on business in general and a healthy self-conscience that I can land any client I want to and will prosper from my work.»

  • «The Sound Waves have affected all the aspects of my life in a very positive way, by healing and reprogramming unconscious programs. […] I feel the deepest respect, love and gratitude for Nadja, for her integrity, straightforwardness and joy of life; for being a wonderful healer and a friend.»

  • «Through successive sessions together, I started to see the improvements in such important areas of my life as more financial flow in my business, more harmonious relationships both romantic and with my family, as well as reaching higher levels on my own internal spiritual journey. […] Each session with her is marked with a major turning point in my life, and all for the better. I consider sound work with Nadja just as important as eating well, getting enough sleep, meditating etc. It is part of my, and should be a part of everyone’s, overall health and well being regime.»

  • “Some years ago I developed severe health problems accompanied by strong joint pain and with large painful skin spots which remained on skin for several weeks (erythema nodosum). The reasons could not be identified and treated by traditional medicine. During the sessions with Nadja I had to touch the spots and/or go into the pain by pressing the painful places, while Nadja was accompanying this movements by sending her voice vibrations. After the session, the skin spots would change their colour, and already a few days later disappear. The pain in joints usually went away already during the sessions.”

    Dr. P.S.E.
  • “Ces soins m'apportent un bien-être rapidement et sont bénéfiques pour avancer dans mon ressenti et mon intuition. Ils m'ont apporté la confiance , l'équilibre et m'ont empêché de sombrer dans une dépression suite au cancer du sein subi en 2001. Quand j'entends le son de Mme Gydat je sens la résonance dans mon propre corps Et je sens vraiment la vibration . Je suis reconnaissante à l'univers d'avoir mis sur ma route Mme Gydat.”

  • «Liebe Nadja, vielen Dank für Deine Behandlung. Ich war durch eine Beziehung relativ stark traumatisiert und mein Kopf, meine Gedanken waren immer bei Ihr und das seit über sechs Monaten. Nach Deiner Behandlung fühlt es sich so an, als ob die Information aus meiner Zellstruktur gelöscht wurde, es ist einfach weg. Ich fühle mich viel besser, der Druck ist weg, der Kopf ist frei und ich verfüge über mehr Energie. Seit der Behandlung sind 10 Tage vergangen und es fühlt sich jeden Tag besser an.  „Danke Sehr!”»

  • «NG treatments are very effective when one makes a stand to actively design the lifestyle as wished; focusing on changing mind-sets, toxic patterns behaviors and undesired emotional reactions.»

    Yvonne de Maïland


The seminars will be held in German or French, dependent on the venue's location.


Learn a variety of simple & effective rejuvenation techniques. Learn how to program your food and drinks to be assimilated by your organism. Learn about essential dietary supplements and what simple and highly efficient do it yourself at home cures you can do. Which movement and meditation techniques can be integrated in your daily routine. Learn to be joyfully disciplined and how to get there. Assume the vastness of your potential and beauty. Full vegetarian prana rich meals, sleeping in a Swiss chalet. Can only be booked as a unit. Price: CHF 2,500,- for 4 days

The next seminar dates for the Rejuvenation Seminar are:

25 - 28 May 2017 (fully booked)
New price 2018: CHF 2,900. 2 places left.

“The Rejuvenation retreat has been one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself and my family. I experienced very intense emotions in only four days: a loving connection with my soul, heart, mind and body, I laughed so hard and joyfully, I moved and breathed fresh mountain air, I ate delicious ayurvedic cuisine and even decided that I must learn German, which I will!

I could feel all the love and dedication that Nadja put on the preparation of the retreat and the entire retreat itself. She has a very practical approach, which makes it very easy to follow her tips and guidance. In just over a week, I can already feel the positive impact that this "cosmic spa" has made in my life.

"Danke Sehr!”


“Un très grand merci pour ces photos et notre séminaire qui laissera un souvenir absolument inoubliable. Ton enthousiasme, ton professionnalisme font de toi une personne exceptionnelle et je te suis  si reconnaissante de m’accompagner sur le chemin de ma vie.”


“The Rejuvenation Seminar is an obvious next step to co-create the reality we want to live in, with a highlight on a healthy body. It is an extraordinary experience, which I highly recommend to those who love themselves.”

Yvonne de Maïland


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